Maintenance of rented properties

We offer control, monthly tracking of payments and periodic checks on the property.


Cleaning is one of the most boring obligations for the owners. Nobody wants to manage the cleaner, but everyone wants to return to a fresh and clean property. We can offer a solution for this situation. Just ask!

Technical maintenance

Regular maintenance and repairs are the correct way to prolong the life and quality of your property. Just like quality of construction and good location are important for a property, so is longevity important for the preservation and increase of your investments value. Become a good owner today so your grandchildren can enjoy your home as well.
We offer one-time removal of technical problems by a predetermined plan of action.


We all hate to return to a dried out grass and plants or to an increasing number of weeds after a long trip away from home. We can offer a solution for this problem called landscaping. Trust us and our partners and enjoy the beauty and colours of your garden, maintained with love and professionalism.